Plasma Sterilizer Machineries

The PS-150 series plasma sterilizer can sterile temperature and pressure-sensitive equipment, at a low temperature around 60 degrees and the whole process is taking place in vacuum.

PS-150 uses Hydrogen Peroxide disinfecting power and applies a plasma that generates Hydroxyl and Hydroperoxyl radicals to destroy any microorganism.

The concentrator of the PS-150 series uses Hydrogen Peroxide with the concentrations of 50% to 59% and increases this concentration up to 85%w/w. This will increase the penetration of the sterilant in this device.

Inside the PS-150 chamber, in the plasma stage, the Hydrogen Peroxide molecules break into radicals through UV. These radicals make an additional sterilization effect inside the chamber and by combining these radicals the output of the process will be water and oxygen which are harmless.

Our unique output filter decomposes any residue of Hydrogen peroxide gas from the outlet of the device, and the output will be just water and oxygen.

Available sizes:

50L, 100L, and 150L

Two Doors (just 150L model) / One door system (for all the capacities)
Stainless Steel 316L Rectangular Chamber
Stainless Steel Cover
Two removable shelves
Smart Automatic Door

(for 150L and 100L models)

Equipped with Concentrator/Vaporizer Unit to increase the penetration
Equipped with HEPA filter for the ventilation process
Equipped with a unique output filter to prevent any leakage of hydrogen peroxide to the room
Two Sterile cycle programs

(Standard cycle /  Lumen cycle)

Fully automated programs and user-friendly user interface
Self Diagnose Routine
Remote Troubleshooting System
Equipped with dry bath incubator for biological tests (57 degrees)
Equipped with an internal printer in order to print the data of the sterile cycles