ATIE Medical Industries (Manufacturer of H2O2 Sterilizer, Autoclave & Hospital Waste Disposal Machineries)

Given the increasing importance of safeguarding the infectious waste of hospitals and medical centers around the world and the country need for complying with the laws and current guidelines of the infectious waste management, Atie Medical Industries Company (Rah Gostar Abtab Atieh) started to build an experienced team. The company officially launched in 2010 in the field of research, design, manufacturing, sales and post-sales services of hospital waste disposal machineries with autoclave dry heating systems with the ability to shredding waste at different capacities. 

The company has taken an important step in developing the equipment and waste management industry in the country by making and installing all kinds of waste disposal equipment tailored to the needs of the customers.

Design and production of plasma sterilizer machimeried in 2018 is another achievement in this company in the field of production of infection control equipment.

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